Welcome to Red Wing Acres Norwegian Fjord Horse Farm

Our Norwegian Fjords will live up to your expectations  Norwegian Fjords  are a rare breed with limited numbers in North America.  The general public is not used to seeing them competing in different equine disciplines. Breed type does mean everything in this breed it is what makes them unique, makes them a versatile mount.  Versatility is what makes them great as dressage mounts, mountain trail horses, western/dressage.  Not to mention as they have a low flight response it makes them allot safer then many breeds of horses.


Goldie learning Spanish Walk

Red Wing Acres is a small breeding farm specializing in sport ponies for pleasure and competition. All breeding stock have been evaluated and received their first premium status in   conformation and movement under the NFHR evaluation system.


Our goal is to produce sport ponies that conform to breed type, are versatile, athletic and have great temperaments. All stock is dual registered with the Canadian Fjord Horse Association and the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry in the United States.

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